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Home Spice

Package-free wine by Everyday Wine

Package-free wine by Everyday Wine

Each week, our friends at Everyday Wines will pair a natural wine with our weekly-curated menu. The wine will be either white, rosé, orange, or red based on what will complement best, and will come in a reusable bottle.

This, combined with our stainless steel dabba's, will make for an entirely packaging-free meal.

Weekly Wine Pairing

15th Nov - Jauma ‘Why Try So Hard’ Orange-Rosé.

Delicate, floral, elegant. A blend of skin contact (orange) white wine and rosé. It has the red fruits and freshness of a light aromatic rosé but with the tannin and mouthfeel of a juicy skin-contact orange wine. 

How it works

Delivered on Tuesdays along with your Home Spice meal. 

Leave your empty wine bottle at your front door along with your empty dabba, and we will exchange with your new weekly wine.

Wine is processed on behalf of Everyday Wine Ltd.

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