Sustainable Meal Delivery

Single-use packaging is a significant contributor to the plastic waste problem in New Zealand, and the food and beverage industry is a major contributor to this issue. From takeaway containers to coffee cups, single-use packaging is used extensively in the food and beverage industry, and the convenience it provides often comes at the cost of the environment.

According to a 2019 report by the Ministry for the Environment, the food and beverage industry in New Zealand generates around 195,000 tonnes of packaging waste each year, with single-use packaging making up a significant portion of this waste. This waste is not only harmful to the environment but also represents a lost opportunity for recycling and reuse.

One of the main challenges in addressing the issue of single-use packaging in the food and beverage industry is the high demand for convenience. Many consumers opt for takeaway meals and drinks because they are quick and easy, and this demand drives the use of single-use packaging. However, there are solutions that can help reduce the use of single-use packaging without compromising convenience.

One such solution is reusable packaging. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards reusable packaging in the food and beverage industry. For example, some cafes and restaurants offer reusable coffee cups, and some supermarkets have introduced reusable containers for takeaway food. 

This is why, when starting Home Spice, we made the decision to switch the single-use plastic containers for a reusable, stainless steel tin called a “Dabba”.

As a subscription service, each week our dabba’s are collected & replaced by our friendly drivers and they stay in this rotation as long as possible, provided they aren’t damaged (stainless steel is infinitely reusable). 

Initiatives such as using a reusable packaging for takeaways has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of single-use packaging that is produced and promote a more sustainable approach to food and beverage consumption.

Regulation and policy changes can also help address the issue of single-use packaging in the food and beverage industry. For example, some cities and countries have introduced taxes or bans on single-use plastics, including packaging. These measures can encourage businesses to find more sustainable alternatives and reduce the overall demand for single-use packaging.

In conclusion, single-use packaging in the food and beverage industry is a significant contributor to the plastic waste problem in New Zealand. While there are challenges to reducing the use of single-use packaging, there are also solutions. By promoting reusable packaging, and implementing regulatory and policy changes, the food and beverage industry can reduce its impact on the environment and promote a more sustainable future.

Hi, I'm Jaimee.

I started Home Spice in late 2021, when Auckland was coming out of its longest and (thankfully) last lockdown. After many months in doors, we found ourselves in a place of reflection. Certainly there were some moments of boredom, frustration & borderline insanity, but there was a silver lining. We got to enjoy hours in the kitchen planning and executing lavish, long, home-cooked meals. Something we never would have the time for when “real life” recommenced. Out of this, Home Spice was born. We wanted to share this food with others. A subscription food service which delivers meals that your weeknight schedule simply wouldn’t allow you to cook. 

South-east Asian cuisine has always been my favourite, something which developed through overseas travel to the region, and I find myself making it time and time again, spoiled with the diversity and countless recipes to try. This is why our team of South-asian chefs curate a new menu every week which is based on authentic recipes from India & South-East Asia. Warming, nourishing, vibrant and flavourful, like a big hug from a friend on a rainy day. Our meals are plant-based, most often vegetarian but sometimes vegan, and naturally gluten free. 

Supporting local is something of real importance to me, and so we endeavour to source all our produce and supplies locally, with a focus on what is in season, as well as supporting local people across our Kitchen and Delivery teams.

One last word on Sustainability. In creating this business, I knew that we wanted to deliver our product in a more planet-friendly manner, so we went on a mission to find a reusable option that didn’t cost the earth. Thankfully, we got inspired by an age-old tradition in Mumbai where Dabba tins are delivered to workers in the city, filled to the brim with home-cooked meals for their lunch at work. Immediately, we ordered our tins direct from India, built to last from Stainless Steel. Whilst this is a new concept for many, we think this is a fantastic step towards reducing the amount of plastic into landfill in NZ and we’re hoping we can help to make this an easy switch!

Whether you’re looking for a weekly treat, a gift for a friend, or a stress-free night off cooking, I look forward to bringing you Home Spice for dinner.